Top six cities to visit in Australia

Tourism has risen in Australia as more travelers are discovering the country’s stunning and vibrant cities. Tourists appreciate Australia’s cultural and historical sites as well as the rainforests, ocean shorelines, famous outback, and mountains.

Let’s take a look at some of the famous sites.


It is the country’s capital city that is famous for its chic restaurants and hotels and other imposing buildings like the National Museum, Parliament House and National Gallery. The town has many more places that you can tour such as the National Arboretum, Royal Australian Mint, War Museum of Australia and the National Portrait Gallery among others.

Outside the city, there are more areas endowed with natural beauty. They include; National Zoo, Kambah Park of Adventure, National aquarium, national Botanic Garden and the Vineyards.


It is the New South Wales capital city. It has several worthy sites to visit like the sandy beaches, scenic harbors, and Pacific Ocean Shores. It is also famous for the iconic Opera House that has the design of a sails ship. It has arched Harbor Bridge representing Sydney’s architectural wonder. Sydney Tour is the city’s tallest building, and it has a skywalk deck for observation. Locals and tourists spend time at the rocks, at an ancient neighborhood that has outdoor eateries and markets, and a Bondi Beach among others.


It is the third largest city in the country, and it is Australia’s cultural hub that is reknown because if the laid-back ambiance. The town has a splendid city hall that harbors Brisbane Museum that houses a vast and grand organ of a piano. It has other architectural sites such as the St.John’s Cathedral that was built in the ancient Middle Ages as a Gothic structure.


Melbourne has a rich culture and history that makes it a top tourist destination. It has various cuisines that represent different cultures, Victorian architecture, lovely gardens and parks and an art scene that is always vibrant. All this are reasons why many travelers chose to visit Melbourne City.

It harbors the Southbank promenade which features the 91 tower of Eureka, sidewalk cafés, and an Arts Centre that is used by the Symphony Orchestra of Melbourne to perform.


It does not have many visitors as most of the other cities in other states, but Perth is the only city I Western Australia that offers Cosmopolitan life. Miles of Indian ocean coastline lies in this city. It has some sites that are a must visit which include an Opera and ballet venue which has a theatre and an Art gallery, Perth Cultural Centre ,and Swan Bells.


It is Southern Australia’s Capital that is hailed because of its architecture. Travelers are awed by it marvelous galleries, museums, government buildings, and mansions. The stunning Parliament house lies at the North Terrace Boulevard. Other sites featured on the same Terrace are South Australian Museum, Adelaide Botanic Garden and the Migration Museum.

Outside this town, four wineries are located at the Barossa Valley. There is a kangaroo valley that allows travelers to view wallabies, seals, kangaroos, and koalas.