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Southeast Asian Food

I have actually constantly been a huge fan of food. I confess. However not simply any kind of food, I like unique food. Typical hamburgers and pizza were never ever my thing. As far back as I can keep in mind, I have actually constantly enjoyed things that run out the standard in regards to food and delighted in exploring. Possibly that is the reason I like to do food journeys. That is, taking a trip to various nations in order to have a taste of their distinct food. I even keep something like a journal in which I put the records of all my food-related impressions.

The very best location in regards to unique food up until now, in my viewpoint, has actually been Southeast Asia. Nations like Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand provided me fantastic deals with that handled to please my taste buds like no other meals prior to. Following is a quick description of my food travel to these remote and splendid nations whose meals had the most significant cooking influence on me.


Cambodian food, likewise referred to as Khmer food, is among the world’s earliest. Cambodians are understood for their enthusiasm for rice. As a matter of reality, they are the country that takes in one of the most rice.

A distinct active ingredient in numerous Khmer meals is prahok, which numerous Westerners may discover a bit pungent, most likely due to its nature, which is in fact a kind of fermented fish paste. As uncommon as it might sound, it is a practically important part of the Cambodian meals. It took me a while to get utilized to its taste however put in the correct meal, it is rather great.

When it comes to the meals themselves, my preferred one showed to be Amok trey, which is the most popular among visitors. A freshwater fish fillet is prepared with a range of fragrant spices (pounded lemongrass, shallots, garlic, and so on), egg, coconut milk and roasted peanuts. All of this is covered in banana leaves and steamed. The meal is not spicy at all however is really aromatic and vibrant.


Indonesian food is rather varied, primarily due to the fact that of the reality that Indonesia is made up of about 6 thousand islands. Nevertheless, much like Cambodia (and all other Asian nations), rice is an inseparable part of their meals. I discovered that Indonesians serve it both as a savoury and a sweet food. Other staple foods they choose consist of sweet potato, yam and breadfruit.

What amazed me a lot was the broad application of peanuts in lots of signature meals– entire, ground or in the kind of peanut sauce. My preferred Indonesian meal ended up being the satay. Although it is likewise understood in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, it came from Indonesia. It includes skilled and grilled skewered meat served with sauce. The meat can be pork, chicken, goat, mutton, fish, and so on. A variation made from tofu is likewise served. The sauce is typically soy-based.


Thai cooking is understood to mix aspects of a number of Southeast customs. What I put in my ‘food journal’ was that I saw that many Thai meals stress food prepared with strong fragrant elements. Likewise, I discovered (the tough method) of the well-known spiciness of the regional food. The meals in Thailand are well-known for their balance of 3 or 4 essential food taste senses: bitter, sour, sweet and salted. Most likely, I need not even point out the value of rice in Thai food. Its use is as broad as in every other Asian nation.

When it comes to my preferred Thai food … this is a bit hard to choose. I actually took pleasure in Kaeng hang-le, Bami haeng family pet, however the one that interested me the most is Kai yang. It is generally a halved and pounded flat marinaded grilled chicken. I think that what provides Kai yang its unique flavour is the unique marinade, that includes garlic, fish sauce, coriander root, turmeric and white pepper and the truth that it is gotten ready for a very long time over a charcoal flame.

I want I might have consisted of more meals in my report, however to be truthful, I stopped working to keep in mind the names of a few of them (remaining in the residents’ language). After all, I attempted many meals that in order to remember all of them and their active ingredients I would require to compose an entire book. Bottom line, whichever nation of Southeast Asia you may choose to check out, you are bound to be surprised by their food. A real paradise for each food lover like myself.